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Product name:12x Coaxial linear zoom lens 1"
Product description:

12x Coaxial linear motorized automatic motored  zoom lenses with low distortion 0.6x~0.72x optical zoom

Datasheet Download: SLMZ12X0672CO


1. Modular design covers a wide range from  0.09 to 180 optical magnification, with high resolution and contrast imaging.

2. Applicable to all operating systems on the market.

3. Stable and smooth zoom process, minimal central offset. Repeat positioning accuracy can up to 1um.

4. Free to install light source according to demands.

5. Widely applied to all intelligent devices via RS232, without manually operation.

6. Always monitor rotating wheel to eliminate mistakes caused by gear gap.

7. Automatic zoom system can designed with single axis, double axis or multi-axis curve

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