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[ Soyo History ]
Soyo security Co., Limited, a dynamic & aggressive optical cctv lens company founded in 2005 in Shanghai China, with cooperated factories & offices located in Shangrao, Zhongshan, Hefei, the Hong Kong office was open in 2013 to enlarge overseas business.
We are a professional CCTV lens supplier at lens designing, manufacturing, sales & services for industrial and commercial application, from surveillance megapixel lenses to consummer lenses, from scanner lenses to video conference lenses, machine vision lenses, FA lenses to ITS lenses. Soyo Optical makes a great many of different lenses for world clients during the past years.
We are one of the best CCTV Lens supplier balancing quality and price in the Great China region & all over the world,selling more than 5,00,000 pieces optical machine vision lenses, FA lens, CCTV lenses , Telecentric lenses in the past years, with 60%-80% percent export business out of sales.

[ Soyo Advantages ]

We bring in advanced management and outstanding skills at coating, plastic injection technology, and attentions to: Supplying the free of charge advance-sales and after-sale service; we trust " honesty is the best policy " to be the life of our enterprise. Soyo optical has long-term megapixel lens cooperation with many big companies and owns majority of projects overseas. Samsung, Foxconn, Huawei, Xiaomi, BOE, Petrol China, Hongda, Volkswagen etc. are the business partners, with business to Industrial, Safe city, Government, AI, Tele-communication, Hospital, Power supply, ITS etc. covering 25 countries just like Korea,Thailand, India, Maylasia, USA, Israel, Germany etc. all over the world.
Since 2019, we have been working with many big Chinese/Japanese brands at industrial FA machine vision cameras while providing megapixel lenses to our clients with lower price, which have saved much percent of cost for the end-users upon one-stop solutions.

Why to select Soyo as partner :
SOYO : A Professional Supplier At Megapixel Lenses.

SOYO : To See Everything Be Much Clear !

Contact :   Mr.Fany Chow ( Sales Director ) E-mail: Skype/wechat: soyocctv

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