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Product name:Motorized Focus FA 25mm 2/3" 10MP
Product description:

25mm 2/3" 10Megapixel Lenses Remote Control RJ45 Motorized Focus FA Machine Vision Camera Optical Lens C Mount Factory Automation Computer Vision 3D AI Deep Learning  China Optics 电动聚焦FA机器视觉镜头

Application : Various size object inspection, Medical production line, high request dust-free environment, secret-related production line that limit manual focus on site 适用于多品种多尺寸产品检测、医疗保健、疫苗医药产线、高度无尘环境、涉密产品产线等限制现场人工调焦聚焦的环境。

Download Datasheet 下载 : SRC-MF2520M-10M

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