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New Anti-vibration FA Machine Vision Lenses
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Headache with camera lenses vibration & focus shift during heavy shock at machine runing ?

Troubled with high cost of world Top1 or Top2 brands , or Crying for low cost but lower quality bringing your factory automation going worse ?

Never mind, we have considered all for your factory automation cost, we launched our competitve price but better quality anti-vibration camera lenses to make your positioning, measurement .... runs well with clear image 7*24hrs.

See below the picture, the lock ring will support focus shift limited by mechanical parts fixed, which is a whole area shift limit comparing with traditional one screw lock ( easy loose while shocking ).

We are professional at optical products for many years, which could dated from 1958 ( a small workshop ), our powerful lenses including:

1. FA machine vision lenses

2. Telecentric lenses

3. CCTV Surveillance lenses

We are also advantage on thermal lenses, SWIR lenses, UV lenses, Line scan lens ...

In 2019, we are authorized by camera manufacturer ( China Top 4 FA camera ), barcode reader manufacturer ( Shanghai ), Illumination/lighting manufacturer ( All team from CSS/CST ), Mini IPC ( wide range products list over 50 models ), Frame grabber/capture card ( China factory made ), we provide a whole set of solution to end-users or installers to make their cost lower ( We are exclusive of manufacturer with low cost; and you need to pay only one time )

Don't doubt what i said, we have 3 years experiences selling our lenses integrated with camera, lighting, Mini IPC, etc.;

We could not be China No.1, but we can say we are the less optical lenses manufacturer providing best price on system integration.

See more detail via :  ( Global )  |  ( Chinese )

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