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Breaking News : A real autofocus FA lens will be launched in Mar
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Do you find there are many object could not focus well when inspect ?

Do you need to change working distance of camera or camera stand height to focus ?

Do you have experiences that have many different focal length lenses at different site to focus one PCB ?

Do you have headache to buy top high cost liquid lens and need to write position code by yourself or even strudy by your intelleient camera ?


No need above, we just have one lens or lens+camera can solve all of your above problem, it's hardware built-in and software built-in to support real time real autofocus any time if lens find your object has different height; no need to write position height code, no need to do patrol function to be said as auto-focus.

The lens will analyse the object itself and focus itself automatically whatever any product ( DOF must be within this lens ) you put it into product line suddenly or not that position code not wrote inside camera before !

There is a turn-key solution, that is camera+lens from us, an REAL autofocus camera set.

After-sales service 10 years if it's our quality problem.

Welcome visit our company or visit our booth at Vision China in July 8-10 in Shanghai.

Google drive links of test video :