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Description of 360 Degree Lens
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With development of industrial automation, the speed of production becomes top fast, however, the quality problems appears to be serious topic, there are many NG productions finally !

How to solve this problem ? 

Yes, you are right ! Application of automation vision inspection for object defect. Now what you can find mostly standard FA lens with GigE camera or Line Scan camera for area or line scan inspection.

But, compact size for machinery is becoming popular nowadays, so there are not much room left at the production line, how to solve the problem that need 360 degree inspection ( currently need 6-8pcs cameras with large room support ) ?

Yes again, you are right ! That is 360 degree lenses.

We devide the 360 degree lens into outer view & inner view type from inspection position; and we devide the 360 degree lens into pericentric/catadioptric & poly view type from imaging one or multi-angle;

So there will be many different type of 360 degree lens on sales from price point of view or from easy performation point of view.

Now, let's check what are these lenses and their imaging.

1. Catadioptric Outer View

a. SOD23110  ( 30-110mm object diameter 1/2"~1.1" )

b. SOD23100  ( 10-100mm object diameter 2/3" )

c. SOD0730  ( 7-30mm object diameter >1/2" )

d. SOD3603  ( 7.5-30mm object diameter 2/3" )

e. SOD3602  ( 7.5-30mm object diameter 1/2" )

f. SOD3601  ( 7.5-30mm object diameter 1/3" )

2. Pericentric Lenses 

a. SOD2060  ( 20-60mm object diameter 1/2" )

b. SOD0541  ( 5-41mm object diameter 1/2" )

3. Poly View Lens

a. SOD2309  ( <15mm object diameter 1/1.8" )

b. SRO2401  ( 5~70mm object diameter 2/3", built-in light )

c. SRO2701  ( 12~70mm object diameter 1", built-in light )