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New Generation 2/3" 8Megapixel FA Machine Vision Lenses
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We all know, the optical camera lens suppliers vastly spreaded all over the world, especially in Japan, China, China ( Germany, Korea, Taiwan area not much ).
We all know, 10 years before, made in Germany/Japan means world Top, especially made in Japan on CCTV lens.
We all know, China optical lenses suppliers occupy >50% in global lens market.

We all know, China lenses price is lower & lower, many of them quality is worse 5-10 years before.
But, we don't know, now, there are many big optical lens manufacturers are far more competitive on quality & price PK Japan popular brands.
If you say, no no no, lens in my hand shows worse imaging and quality, well, yes, high possibility is you are buying from a small workshop with lowest price.

To buy a satisfied camera lenses, I think below are our private suggestions on made in China ( including made in global ) products.
1. Looking for reputated suppliers ( try not trust B2B website so-called manufacturers, as real reputated lenses factories nearly never there, can you find Pentax, Tamron, Fujinon, Computar official website on B2B plateform ? );
2. Asking gurantee time ( long gurantee time shows suppliers are highly confident on their lenses, such as we always 5 years on C/CS lens, return for new if quality problem );
3. Comparing price on lenses ( world lowest price will NEVER match world best quality, NEVER ! NEVER ! NEVER ! , Can Apple do it ?  Can Tesla do it? Can Benz do it? Can Channel do it? .... )

We, Soyo optics, always sell/promote high quality lenses, with price competitive, 5 years guarantee, many of our lenses can win Japan brands and some of them very good quality, but, our price are not the expensive nor lowest price.
We always be ourselves on quality and price, that's why the lenses we sells are now in Samsung, Hikvision, Basler, Prophesee, Daheng global ..., with endusers CATL, LEAD, BYD, HUAWEI and even TESLA.

Today, we are going to share with you a new generation camera lenses, 8Megapixel lenses ( can be used on 10Megapixel camera ), high advantages are :
1. Very good price
2. Really good quality from 10Mp to 5Mp

It's not the first top level lenses, but this lenses are just for enarling sales value target in 2023;

You, will, NEVER, regret what you choose !


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