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New generation 1/1.7" 10-50mm 12Megapixel C mount Lens
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We have many kind of long distance varifocal lenses such as 1/1.8"  8Megapixel one CS mount : SVD1575IR-8M, SVD1670IR-8M, SVD1150IR-8M etc., but, all are CS mount, and resolution is 4K 8Megapixel, how should camera match it; and many of camera using C mount, how should CS lens work ? Yes, we make a new lens SVD1050MIR-12M into mass production ( 1/1.7", 10-50mm, 12Megapixel, C mount ), its auto iris, with aperture large to f1.3, which support low light for night surveillance under IR correction overseas market ( most of overseas project prohibited strong LED illumination to avoid accident ).

The lens SVD1050MIR-12M focal length 10-50mm could cover 11-50mm, 12-50mm, which could largely replace Fujinon 12-50mm, Tamron 8-50mm lens.

The SVD1050MIR-12M is the best support for ITS, face recognition, surveillance under low light situation, who has really large aperture.

PDF Download :  SVD1050MIR-12M


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