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New 360 degree lens inner view hole inspection
author:admin  time:2023-2-9  Number of click:878

There are 10+ models lenses for 360 degree inspection covering following.

1. Outer view out surface object inspection lenses SOD23100, SOD3080, SOD3603, SOD0730

2. Multi-angle reflection lenses SOD11FA35, SODM23V1-3195

3. Outer View / Inner View Lenses SRO2401, SRO27021

4. Internal view inner wall inspection lens SRV3652, SRV178-10M, SRV3651

Today, we are going to have a new inner view inner wall inspection lens, called SRV82CL, which is close to SRV3652, but also different depending on object size.

Should you have hole inspection or inner wall surface object defect inspection products, welcome inquiry, we have over 10+ 360 degree lenses to you.


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