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What is Telecentric lenses & advantages
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The function of the lens in machine vision is to focus the optical image of the target on the photosensitive area array of the camera, which is equivalent to the human eye, so the quality of the industrial lens can directly affect the performance of the machine vision system.

Choosing a suitable industrial lens is also an important part of building a machine vision solution.

The telecentric lens is a high-end industrial lens with excellent image quality, especially suitable for precision visual inspection applications.

Telecentric lenses can be divided into three categories:

1. Image-side telecentric lenses

2. Object-side telecentric lenses

3. Double-telecentric lenses

Of which double-telecentric lenses are object-side and image-side double-telecentric designs, with high light transmittance and low telecentricity. , low distortion, high resolution, in the depth of field range, no change in magnification and other high-quality optical performance, can solve many problems existing in the precision measurement system of ordinary industrial lenses.

1. During the imaging process of ordinary industrial lenses, when the working distance changes, the size of the resulting image will change accordingly, resulting in a lens with the same focal length, corresponding to different object distances, there will be different This phenomenon is similar to the near-large-far-small visual aberration of the human visual system. This feature is a great obstacle in precision measurement projects.

2. Ordinary industrial lenses have a certain range of depth of field. When the measured object is not within the depth of field of the lens, the image will become blurred and there is no way to focus clearly.

3. With the continuous improvement of the resolution of today's imaging chips, users' requirements for measurement accuracy are becoming more and more demanding. Ordinary lenses are subject to the principle of optical imaging, and the best can only achieve about 10um. Visual inspection The field requires imaging products with higher precision. Bi-telecentric lens can effectively solve the above problems. As a core product supplier of machine vision and industrial automation, Soyo can customize hardware such as telecentric industrial lenses, industrial cameras, visual light sources for you, and provide you with one-stop technical consulting services to enable you to Easier and faster to build your own classified vision.

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