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Telecentric Machine Vision Computer FA Lenses
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Under the situation of COVID-19 globally, the world economy seems going down, which making the exporters headache on their products.

Yes, we camera optics supplier is facing the problem of telecentric lens, machine vision / computer vision lenses, FA automation lenses kept in warehouse because of COVID-19 limited at logistic in China area.

We are camera lenses supplier over 10+ years, we have Samsung, LG, Hongda, Foxconn, Apple, TESLA, Huawei, BYD, BOE etc. customers ( directly cooperation or via distributors ), but now, TESLA and Apple business seems not good especially in Shanghai, lockdown is nearly 1 month ( some districts over 1 month ), TESLA just open Pudong factory this week ( end of Apr. ).

For overseas business seems growing under some best partners cooperation in Korea & Thailand, Netherland, Maylasia etc., which helping us win more megapixel lenses purchase order recently on ITS/Parking and telecentric lenses FA lens on inspection, positioning;

Whatever the world situation going worse on economy or Russia-Ukraine war influence, whatever the customer's requirement going less, we, Soyo security Co.,Limited, will never stop the developing of new megapixel leneses on FA machine vision, or on public security surveillance CCTV lens, even on positioning measurement telecentric lenses application.

Are you looking for special lenses for your camera ?

Yes, give me some seconds is enough, you will get what you need here under below -

* CCTV Lens

* Megapixel lenses

* FA Machine vision, computer vision lenses

* ITS, LPR, Traffic lens

* Line scan lens, telecentric lenses

* Thermal lenses

* UV lenses

* 360 degree outwall / inner wall inspection lens

* Motorized zoom lenses 12megapixel lenses

* Fisheye lenses

* Pin-hole lens

* Explosion-proof camera+lighting