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CCTV Lens & FA Machine Vision Telecentric Megapixel Lenses
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2021 Summary

2021 is a special year for Soyo Security, we achieved a higher sales amount far than our expection on CCTV Lens, Megapixel lenses, FA Machine vision lens, telecentric lenses, varifocal lenses, motorized zoom lenses, linear zoom lens, fisheye lenses, line scan lenses & some new business on lighting/illumination, camera, barcode reading, frame graber, Industrial PC ( Mini PC ) etc.

CCTV Lens is our main product since our establishment many years ago, which focusing on 12Megapixel & 8Megapixel resolution with 1" & 1/1.7" sensor size, mainly export to overseas market, especially to East Asia region.

FA machine vision lenses will be majority sales amount in future coming years under worse CCTV lenses business enviroment today.

Telecentric lenses, we have over 1000+ models, can you imagine how important it is ?

Well, whatever any kind of optical lenses, you will find the right lenses to match your camera from our lenses pool.

Welcome inquiry to our lenses.

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