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100 Megapixel Line Scan Lens F/V Mount
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Soyo Security Co.,Ltd, Dec.14.2021

Line Scan lens is a typical optics that plays an important role for line scan camera, especially on some belt or long length object inspection.
We have announced 16K or 12K, 8K, 4K resolution line scan lens in the past month, but today, we are going to share with you a new line scan lens that is 100Megapixel with pixel size 3.1μm.
This is a totally new camera lens this year, and would be in mass production in Q2/2022;

The 100Megapixel line scan lens is cheap than 150Megapixel & 120Megapixel one, which meet the low cost project but need high quality lens but no need high to 120Megapixel.
We shall have a great number of line scan lens in 2022 to satisfy the client's requirement and win in different projects from competitors.

If you are looking for new supplier of lenses or you are disappointed with current optical partners, lets try it, I believe you shall have new cooperation spirit.

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