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CPSE 2022 Shenzhen Exhibition Delayed
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CPSE is a famous security surveillance exhibition show held in Shenzhen every 2 years, it includes surveillance ( camera, cctv lens, optics, accessories ), transmission ( cable etc. ), storage ( NVR, DVR, RAM,SSD,HDD etc.) and so many other products that are relative to the surveillance or CCTV products.

The exhibition will be held in Shenzhen and Beijing each 1 year, with tens of thousands of exhibitors and visitors or potential customers including military, govnment, fire dept., police, 

However, CPSE is delayed because of COVID-19 spreaded again during the small area which might make a risk status if tens of thousands of persons crowded in a security show within 3 days indoor.

We have planed to attend the show this year, but that's being of COVID-19, we stoped this plan but shift to visit, CPSE offical said the new open time depend on govnment information.

The exhibition is important, anyway, why not have a internet website exhibition at the same time for the overseas customers ? Yes, its for, you !!!

We, Soyo optics, are only focus on optical lens supplying for many years, FA machine vision lens, CCTV surveillance lenses, ITS traffic camera lens, line scan lens, measurement positioning telecentric lens etc., optical lenses are our main products and the powerful products comparing with other supplier partners.

We always focus on cooperation overseas with China lenses partners to make the made in China much more reliable, competitive ....

Let's shake hands and work together on CCTV lens and FA machine vision megapixel lenses.

Soyo Security Co.,Limited

Oct.25.2021, Shanghai