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1.1" 12Megapixel varifocal cctv lens 15-40mm C mount on sales
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( S11VP1540IR-12M / 1.1" 15-40mm, P-iris, 12Megapixel )

Do you lack of large sensor size megapixel lenses ?

Are you looking for globally a short distance focal length cctv lens for ITS or traffic, recognition, surveillance ?

Look, this is what you need.

1. Large sensor size / format :  1.1"

2. Varifocal length : 15-40mm

3. Functional Iris :  P-iris

4. Variety mount :  C mount ( macth CS camera with a C/CS adaptor )

5. IR Correction :  24hrs day/night

6. Warranty :  3-5 years

7. Application :ITS, traffic, toll gate, entry/exit, metro/subway, industry etc. middle far distance surveillance or recognition.

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