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Anti-vibration lenses mass production
author:admin  time:2021-6-17  Number of click:1127

Traditional machine vision lens, FA lenses, computer vision camera lenses could be largely used for automation and inspection, however, how to solve the problem of vibration application at shock occasions ? How to make focus clear without shift ? How to to avoid times and times focusing for lenses ?

Yes, to solve this problem of headache issues, that is Anti-vibration lenses.

There is no focus lock screw and is said to be many part of FA lens at different magnification, you can said its a several part of sugar cane, the FA lens is a sugar cane, and anti-vibration lenses is a cut separated part of this sugar cane.

The anti-vibration lens will help shocked occasions computer vision running continuously, that's the amazing affairs.

Come on, join us, to show this to your end-users or to try it at your projects, result is a truth better than 100 times saying, am i right ?