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More Motorized Zoom Lenses On Sales
author:admin  time:2020-12-15  Number of click:315
In order to meet the client's requirement, we have beening made many of C/CS varifocal lenses customzied to be motorized zoom lens to applicate at ITS, square, highspeed train, highway, traffic etc. surveillance.

Previsouly we have 1" 10-40mm 12MP motorized zoom lens difference with DC iris, P-iris, 3-motors and right now there are 4 new lenses added with below information.

1. 15-75mm  1/1.7" 10MP, DC/Piris

2. 10-50mm  1/1.7"  10MP , DC/Piris

3. 7-27mm 1/1.7"  10MP, DC/Piris

4. 3.8-18mm 1/1.7" 10MP, DC/Piris

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