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Product name:STC11230-64H 2/3"
Product description:


The STC11230-64H  2/3" Bi-Telecentric Lenses are specially designed for high-precision application including metrology, inspection etc., these lenses feature a varity of FOV up to 300mm, customized design for 1/2.5" ~1.1" sensor, and bi-telecentric design for high quality imaging.

  • Optimized for 1/2.5"~1.1" C-Mount cameras;
  • Large FOV from 26mm upto 300mm;
  • Excellent resolution for high pixel cameras;
  • Low distortion, good telecentricity,big aperture and big depth of field for high end application.

    Optical specifications
    Magnification(x) 0.178
    Object Field of View (Φmm) 64
    Working Distance (mm) 158±3
    Max Sensor Size (Φmm) 11.4(2/3")
    Best Aperture (F/#) 4.9
    Telecentricity typical (max) (deg) <0.1
    Distortion typical (max) (%) <0.1
    MTF30 (lp/mm) >180
    Depth of Field (mm) ±13.9@F11
    Length of I/O (mm) 348±3
    Field of View  (mm × mm)
    8.47x7.1 with ICX625/655 47.6x39.9
    Mechanical Specifications
    Mount C
    Length (mm) 172.0
    Weight (kg) 0.8
Cell: 86-18949838193
Skype/wechat: soyocctv
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