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Megapixel CCTV lens @COFCO
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We applicate our megapxiel lens, cctv lenses to the COFCO group China. The COFCO is a world 500 brand, which is specialized at consummer food and oil etc. 


http://www.soyocctv.com/news_detail_en.asp?ID=320&AtypeID=33    (IKEA Group)
http://www.soyocctv.com/news_detail_en.asp?ID=319&AtypeID=33    (Meng Niu Group)
http://www.soyocctv.com/news_detail_en.asp?ID=310&AtypeID=33    (Samsung)
http://www.soyocctv.com/news_detail_en.asp?ID=300&AtypeID=33    (Observatory Denmark)

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